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Deluxe holiday
Hotpot set

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Deluxe Holiday Hotpot Set for $59.99 at Liuyishou Hotpot Robson!  


Please show this page to our staff in order to get this deal!


We have found the perfect way to warm up your holiday celebration - a delicious & authentic Chinese hotpot set in Downtown Vancouver. 

The set includes:

☑️ Deluxe Aged
Angus Beef

☑️ Liu’s Beef & Lamb Platter

☑️ Specialty
Pork Meatballs

☑️ Sole Fillet

☑️ Fish Tofu

☑️ Deluxe Vegetable Platter

☑️ Handmade Noodles

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All ingredients at Liuyishou Hotpot are carefully selected for the best quality.

The Deluxe Aged Angus Beef is prepared using the wet-aging method, a process in which meat is vacuum-sealed and allowed to age for 4-10 days, giving the beef a fresh & sweeter taste,  and making it incredibly delicious for hot pot. 


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Please call to make a reservation:

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liuyishou hotpot
1542 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C2

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