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9th Anniversary
for Liuyishou Richmond

AUG 07 - AUG 20

· FREE Current Meal with 4x Predeposit

 · Lucky Draw Surprise 

1st prize - Hermès Necklace

 · Doubling Points will be added to VIP diners' accounts.

9th anniversary登网页.jpg

25% off on dine in 
free plum juice

Are you ready to celebrate nine wonderful years of Hot Pot Delight?

· We are currently offering a 25% discount on the entire bill for Dine-In.

· Share the poster we posted on IG: liuyishou.vancouver on your favorite social media to spread the joy. As a thank you, we will treat you to a free pitcher of plum juice.

DEEP FRIED DRAGON BEARD(PORK)  50%off for members

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